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Land of Dinosaurs

  • Running time 60 min
  • Director Lee Dong-hui
  • Writer Yoon Hui-yeong
  • Episode 1 Eps

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An international team of top paleontologists set out to the Gobi Desert, a so-called dinosaur graveyard, for a 40-day fossil expedition.
With professor Lee Yung-nam, a notable dinosaur expert, leading the team of 13 top paleontologists from seven countries including America, Japan, and Canada, the members brave sand storms and try to unveil the secrets of dinosaurs that flourished on the Asian continent.
The enormous fossilized remains of an armored dinosaur is excavated in the searing hot desert.
Broken teeth and leg bones of a Tarbosaurus were also found next to the fossils.
Secrets are revealed as the dramatic deaths of these dinosaurs are revealed through the discovery.
The fossils of about 80 dinosaurs were excavated during this ambitious expedition.
High quality computer-rendered images of dinosaurs that are on par with the images seen in the latest Hollywood movies are featured in this documentary along with amazing sound effects that bring dinosaurs to life unlike any other documentary.
Expedition members:
Louis L. Jacobs, Prof. of Geological Sciences, Dedman's College
President of the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man
Philip J. Currie, Canadian palaeontologist and museum curator
Michael Ryan, Curator of vertebrate paleontology at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Ceratopsians expert)
A blend of ancient biology and advanced sciences to vividly recreate the world of dinosaurs, which ruled earth tens of millions of years ago.