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Wildlife in the DMZ

  • Running time 60 min
  • Director Choe Sam-gyu
  • Writer Yang Jae-hee, Park Yoon-na
  • Episode 3 Eps

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As a heavily guarded area that is strictly off limits to any trespassers, the DMZ is a boundary zone that exists in the last two divided countries in the world. The DMZ is a reminder to all Koreans of the divided Korean peninsula. On the east end of the DMZ, salmon have returned near the Myungpa River while on the west end, spotted seals have inhabited the waters around Baekryeong Island. The zone has become a treasured ecological site and a natural reserve for wildlife. Due to its unique plant and animal life, the DMZ is a place of interest among ecologists around the world. The wild animals that inhabit the DMZ are caught on HD cameras while the environmentally friendly practices of the South Korean soldiers in the area are also captured in high definition. The documentary includes this and much more to show how nature flourishes in one of the places that symbolize the sad division of the Korean peninsula.